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Coding References

Advanced Practice Providers Billing: When, How, and What? (Archive)
This one-hour online course addresses the most up-to-date information on billing, coding and reimbursement for services delivered by NPs and PAs. AANS Member: $69 | Non-member: $119
Functional Procedure Coding for Neurosurgeons
This one-hour online course provides accessible coding updates unique to functional neurosurgery procedures with case examples. AANS Member: $69 | Non-member: $119
Top 10 Neurosurgical Procedures and How To Code Them
Are you being reimbursed correctly for your procedures? This one-hour live online course will address the top 10 neurosurgical procedures and the correct ways to code for them. AANS Member: $69 | Non-member $119


Neurosurgical Emergencies
AANS Member: $153.00 | Non-member: $169.99
Neurosurgical Operative Atlas: Functional Neurosurgery
AANS Member: $243 | Non-member: $269.99
Heart of a Lion, Hands of a Woman: What Women Neurosurgeons Do
AANS Member: $40 | Non-member: $40


AANS Scrub Cap
AANS Member: $20 | Non-member: $35
AANS Unisex Scrub Top
AANS Member: $25 | Non-member: $40
Dri-fit Men's Athletic Shirt
AANS Members: $25 | Non-members: $40


Brain Soaps
Member: $10 | Non-member: $15
Cushing Medal Lapel Pin
AANS Member: $15 | Non-member: $20