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  • Neurosurgical Operative Atlas: Functional Neurosurgery

    AANS Member: $243 | Non-member: $269.99


    Editors: Robert E. Gross; Nicholas M. Boulis

    Pages: 362

    Publication Date: 2018

    Format: Hardcover

    Functional neurosurgery focuses on improving the lives of patients with epilepsy, movement disorders, pain, and psychiatric illnesses. In recent years, approaches ranging from open surgery to minimally invasive techniques have been leveraged to improve daily functioning and quality of life in people struggling with painful, highly disruptive and/or treatment-resistant symptoms. These approaches focus on reducing or eliminating seizures, alleviating pain, decreasing abnormal movements or lessening debilitating symptoms associated with specific psychiatric disorders. 

    AANS Member: $243  |  Non-member: $269.99

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  • Heart of a Lion, Hands of a Woman: What Women Neurosurgeons Do

    AANS Member: $40 | Non-member: $40


    Editors: Deborah L. Benzil, MD; Karin M. Muraszko

    Publication Date: 2009

    Format: Softcover

    From personal memoirs of the surgeons' struggles as they faced overwhelming obstacles entering a traditionally male-dominated profession, to showcasing their varied talents in the areas of painting, photography and poetry, Heart of a Lion, Hands of a Woman gets into the mind of female neurosurgeons like no other.


    AANS Member: $40  |  Non-member: $40

  • The Edwin Smith Papyrus

    AANS Member: $225 | Non-member: $250


    Editors: Gonzalo M. Sanchez, MD, FAANS; Edmund S. Meltzer, PhD

    Pages: 400

    Publication Date: June 1, 2013

    Format: Hardcover

    This volume contains the original hieratic text, complete transcription into hieroglyphs, transliteration, English translation, philological apparatus and copiously illustrated medical commentaries for the 48 clinical cases of the Edwin Smith Papyrus. 


    AANS Member: $225  |  Non-member: $250

  • Neurosurgical Operative Atlas: Vascular Neurosurgery

    AANS Member: $247 | Non-member: $274.99


    Editor: R. Loch Macdonald, MD, PhD
    Pages: 320
    Publication Date: 2018
    Format: Hardcover

    Neurosurgical Operative Atlas: Vascular Neurosurgery, Third Edition, by R. Loch Macdonald and expert contributors, reflects the latest advances in endoscopic, endovascular, microsurgical, and bypass techniques used in the treatment of cerebrovascular disease. The entire atlas has been streamlined and updated with new content, including 38 videos that complement the concise step-by-step guidance in the text.

    The book begins with five chapters on vascular and microsurgical instrumentation and equipment, clipping versus coiling, aneurysm surgery techniques, the pterional approach, and minimally invasive approaches. Disease and procedure-specific chapters are organized by three sections: aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage, vascular malformations, and ischemic and other cerebrovascular disease. Every chapter includes salient tips on patient selection and procedural indications, preoperative information and tests, patient positioning, operative nuances, and postoperative complications.

    Key Highlights

    • Nearly 300 high-quality color illustrations detail impacted anatomy and procedures
    • The latest techniques for treating a full spectrum of aneurysms, such as ophthalmic segment, supraclinoid internal carotid artery, middle and anterior cerebral artery, basilar and posterior cerebral artery, and others
    • Treatment of vascular abnormalities including arteriovenous malformations, superficial and brainstem cavernous malformations, arteriovenous fistulae, Moyamoya disease, and more

    Vascular Neurosurgery is a practical, "how-to" book for clinicians, fellows, and residents in neurosurgery and vascular surgery. It is an ideal reference to consult in advance of performing a neurovascular procedure or to prepare for the oral board examinations.

    AANS Member: $247 | Non-member: $274.99

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  • Neurosurgery Knowledge Update: A Comprehensive Review

    AANS Member: $229 | Non-member: $254.99​


    Editors: Robert Harbaugh, Christopher Shaffrey, William Couldwell, Mitchel Berger
    Pages: 984
    Publication Date: 2015
    Format: Hardcover

    Certification from the American Board of Neurological Surgeons (ABNS) is the gold standard for certification of neurosurgeons practicing in the U.S. This text is the most up-to-date board review guide for neurosurgeons. It features actual cases, over 300 high-quality illustrations and images, clinical overviews, and a Q and A that mimics the ABNS exam format.

    Uniquely qualified as esteemed experts in organized neurosurgery as well as past or present Directors of the ABNS, the editors have compiled a book of remarkable depth and scope. With contributions from top neurosurgeons in each subspecialty, this text will prepare neurosurgeons for the rigorous ABNS exams.

    This indispensable book will help neurosurgeons and neurosurgical residents prepare thoroughly for written and oral board examinations, and benefit board-certified neurosurgeons who need to fulfill MOC requirements. 

    AANS Member: $229 | Non-member: $254.99

    A flat shipping charge will be added to the purchase price upon checkout: Free in US, $20 in Canada, $50 International addresses.

  • A History of Neurosurgery

    The first thorough book on the history of neurosurgery published since 1951. The book is organized around a specific historiographic framework that traces the advancement of the specialty. AANS Member: $93.75 | Non-member: $112.50​

    Editor: Samuel H. Greenblatt
    Pages: 626
    Format: Hardcover

    A History of Neurosurgery is the first thorough book on the history of neurosurgery published since 1951. The book is organized around a specific historiographic framework that traces the advancement of the specialty. Included are chapters on ancient trepanation, Macewen's first use of the combined technologies of anesthesia, antisepsis and cortical localization in 1879 to plan and perform craniotomies, the emergence of Harvey Cushing's leadership, the evolution of modern neurosurgical techniques and technology and much more. 

    AANS Member: $93.75 | Non-member: $112.50


  • Goodman's Neurosurgery Oral Board Review

    AANS Member: $71.96 | Non-member: $89.95​


    Editor: Allan D. Levi
    Pages: 192
    Publication Date: 2016
    Format: Large Format Paperback

    This book will educate and prepare neurosurgery candidates who are preparing for the Neurosurgery Oral Board exam, the final step prior to board certification. It will also serve as a primer for the 2018 AANS Goodman Oral Board Preparation course, a bi-annual course sponsored by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS). The book begins by initially describing the format of the oral board exam and then examines some of the concepts and techniques in the question-answer process that forms the major premise of the exam. 

    Each chapter contains several case presentations, which are organized similarly to how oral board questions are presented, with a brief history/physical and relevant imaging studies. The authors provide detailed analysis on these cases, as well as key references for each case with the salient conclusions from each referenced paper.

    AANS Member: $71.96 | Non-member: $89.95

  • Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology

    AANS Member: $252 | Non-member: $279.99


    Editor: Charles J. Prestigiacomo
    Pages: 773
    Publication Date: November, 2014
    Format: Hardcover

    Covering not only the latest techniques but also the science and rationale behind neuroendovascular treatment, this reference reflects the current knowledge base of the endovascular surgical neuroradiology subspecialty. It covers all aspects of neuroendovascular surgery, such as the science of vascular biology to the more advanced clinical applications in acute stroke interventions and AVMs. Written by neurologists, neurosurgeons, and neuroradiologists, this timely text provides readers with a thorough review of all the considerations pertinent to the endovascular treatment of diseases of the cerebrovascular system, spine, head, and neck. 

    Key Features:
    -Technique chapters include complication avoidance and management
    -High-quality, unique illustrations and up-to-date images guide the reader through clinical concepts and technically challenging procedures
    -Covers topics that are often overlooked but are critical to understanding the dynamics of endovascular treatment, such as the use of anticoagulants or procoagulants and the biophysics of vascular disease
    -Each chapter ends with a Summary which distills and highlights the key takeaways for that topic

    Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology is a key resource that trainees as well as more seasoned clinicians will refer to repeatedly over the course of their careers. 

    AANS Member: $252 | Non-member: $279.99

  • Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery

    AANS Member: $26.00 | Non-member: $31.00


    Editor: Michael Bliss

    Pages: 522

    Publication Date: 2007

    Format: Softcover

    Drawing on new collections of intimate personal and family papers, diaries and patient records, Michael Bliss captures Cushing's professional and his personal life in remarkable detail. Bliss paints an engaging portrait of a man of ambition, boundless, driving energy, a fanatical work ethic, a penchant for self-promotion and ruthlessness, more than a touch of egotism and meanness, and an enormous appetite for life. Equally important, Bliss traces the rise of American surgery as seen through the eyes of one of its pioneers.


    AANS Member: $26.00  |  Non-member: $31.00

  • Neurosurgical Operative Atlas: Spine and Peripheral Nerves

    AANS Member: $182.00 | Non-member: $202.49


    Editors: Christopher Wolfla, MD and Daniel K. Resnick, MD

    Pages: 456

    Publication Date: 2017

    Format: Hardcover

    Instructional videos accompany this detailed tutorial, which addresses the latest spine and peripheral nerve procedures in depth. Comprehensive sections on spine and peripheral nerves cover modalities, techniques and special topics.


    AANS Member: $182.00  |  Non-member: $202.49

    A flat shipping charge will be added to the purchase price upon checkout: Free in US, $20 in Canada, $50 International addresses.