Coding Resources

Advanced Practice Providers Billing: When, How, and What?
This one-hour live webinar addresses the most up-to-date information on billing, coding and reimbursement for services delivered by NPs and PAs. AANS Member: $69 | Non-member: $119
Functional Procedure Coding for Neurosurgeons
This one-hour live webinar provides accessible coding updates unique to functional neurosurgery procedures. This course also provides case examples and time for question and answer.
Telemedicine Services Coding White Paper
This free downloadable white paper addresses common coding challenges in telemedicine and its application to neurosurgery.
2019 AANS Guide To Coding: Mastering the Global Service Package for Neurological Surgery Services
AANS Member: $135 | Non-member: $200
AANS ICD-10 Express Code
AANS Member: $39 | Non-member: $49
Neurosurgeon's E&M Reference Card
AANS Member: $12 | Non-member: $22
2019 AANS Managing Coding Course Workbook
AANS Member: $500 | Non-member: $750
2019 CPT Professional Edition
AANS Member: $80.95 | Non-member: $114.95
2019 ICD-10-CM: The Complete Official Codebook
AANS Member: $79.95 | Non-member: $104.95
Introduction to Neurosurgical Coding with Anatomy and Terminology
This on-demand course is designed for novice coders and will introduce learners to the anatomy and terminology specific to neurosurgical coding. This webinar will guide you in mastering neuroanatomy and terminology used in the neurosurgical practice coding and reimbursement profession to ensure that you are coding appropriately for maximum reimbursement as well as compliance. AANS Member $59 | Non-members $79